the power of a client promise for building trust and business success

In the competitive world of business, establishing a strong connection with clients is vital for sustainable growth and success. While many small and micro business owners will focus on establishing a mission and vision statement and developing products and services, they often overlook the importance of providing a client promise.

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mission statements

A mission statement will form part of your business plan that includes the goals you have for your business.

Having a mission statement allows you to have an overarching guide for your financial services business particularly for those times when things get tough and you feel like throwing in the towel.

Creating (or reviewing) your mission statement can be a daunting task.
It’s intimidating trying to vocalise the reasons for creating (and running) your business.

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Two women reviewing notes on a ipad

we are exclusive

Too many people believe that the finance sector is boring.

How far from the truth is that?!

It’s exciting.

It”s complexities are interesting.

And with the right numbers and the right opportunities it can provide financial freedom.

Unfortunately there have been ‘cowboys’ that have made (and continue to make) unfillable promises.
These guys give all financial professionals a bad name.
And that’s why accreditation and legislation are important.

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A woman with long hair introducing another woman and man

it’s a collaboration

How often do you have clients who want to d.i.y their finances?

You know the ones who are;
– doing their tax via myTax,
– contacting their bank for finance,
– obtaining insurance via one of the many price comparison websites,
– establishing their smsf investments.

How much pain does it cause you?

It hurts when you know you can offer them a better option.

That’s how we feel too!

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