take the headache out of list building – 3 simple tasks to build your list

Consistently growing your list is one the smartest things you can do for your financial services business.

Unfortunately relying primarily on Facebook (or any social platform) to spread the word about your financial services business and get new leads leaves you at the mercy of “the algorithm”.

With recent changes to the algorithms in addition to your reach being restricted, you have no control over who or how your clients receive the information you are communicating.

However, if you are using these platforms to move your audience to your list you regain the control. You will always have a way to connect to your followers, share your content and promote your offerings.

Recently, I heard of a small business owner who had in excess of 10K followers who suddenly and permanently lost her FB business page – it turns out the bots considered her off hand question (to encourage engagement) was seen as encouraging gambling. There was no recourse. She was forced to start again – differently!

You have zero control on these free social platforms.

So, where do you start list building for your financial services business?
These 3 tasks should be your starting point.

Create your opt-in freebie

This is the step that holds most business back. When you know and understand your ideal client you will know what problems they need solving.

Your options here are endless.
Your freebie could be any of the following –

  • a checklist
  • a quiz
  • a cheatsheet
  • a worksheet
  • a template
  • a blueprint
  • a chapter from a book
  • an audit
  • a manifesto
  • a consultation
  • a transcription
  • a resource guide
  • a case study
  • an x day challenge
  • a video series
  • an audio
  • a tool
  • an expert roundup
  • an e-book
  • swipe files
  • a module from a course
  • a webinar
  • access to a FB group
  • a strategy call
  • limited membership access

Alright, so next up…

Create your auto responder series

Obviously, you need to use an email marketing platform like MailChimp or Active Campaign, to collect email addresses and automatically send out your freebie download email.

However, rather than just a single download email, consider a series of emails set up to go out automatically, over the next few days, to everyone who signs up for your list. This “welcome” email series educates subscribers about you, your business, and what you can do to help them solve their problems.

Additionally, you may consider adding an “engagement” series that is all about giving your prospects a set of tips, secrets, or steps for complete some process. Each email can also promote a specific product/service you sell that is related to the content. That way, your emails will be useful, and encourage your prospects to consider your paid offers to solve their problems.

And finally…

Set up an opt-in landing page

It’s advisable to have various ways that people can sign up for your list on your website. This may be via a sign up form in a side bar or footer, pop ups or exit pop ups. Test and measure these at different times to determine their success.

But you also want to have opt-in pages set up without all of the distractions that your website has.

A website has a lot going on. You have blog content, social media links, links to products and programs, information about how to work with you, videos, and so much more. Which means, it’s easy for someone to become distracted and steer away from opting into your list.

Landing pages are web pages where there is nothing else for them to do but to sign up for your offer. No menu tabs, no side bar with links to blogs, no footer and no header. Just your offer and a button.

Keep subscribers up to date

Now that you have your own subscriber list, don’t desert them or leave them hanging. Keep them in the loop with what is happening in your world and provide them with valuable content that showcases your expertise.

If a list building strategy is important for your business, reach out to us at Baillie Online Services for assistance with ideas, creation and implementation.

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