the ultimate guide to call to actions

A call to action (CTA) is designed to inspire a pre-determined outcome from your readers.

It may be an image or line of text that prompts your visitors, leads, and/or customers to take a particular action.
That action will vary across the different forms of content you are publishing.

You should be using a ‘Call To Action’ on each and every piece of content that you publish.

Your CTA may be the most important part of your content (website / blog / social media post / Facebook Ad) because it tells consumers what you want them to do.  This call to action may be placed within any part of your content – beginning, middle, end or repeated at many places.

A Call To Action should have the following –
  • Be visually striking
  • Short sharp copy
  • Be easy to understand
  • Be action-oriented
  • The result must be obvious
  • A compelling reason
  • A designed button that stands out from the rest of the content in colour and design


Despite the variety of texts, a call to action will usually fall into one of the following four categories. Each one has a different psychological trick to boost its persuasiveness.

  1. Fear of Missing Out – using this CTA customers are worried about what others may be receiving. This may take on the “must have it now” immediate response.
  2. Removing Risk – this CTA removes some of the objections that a customer may have. This may take on the “what have I got to lose” response.
  3. Push the Benefits – using this CTA has your customers dreaming of a life after taking action. This may take on the “life will be better/easier when I have it” response.
  4. Soft Sell – this CTA follows a more simple persuasion. It works best on the basis that you already have a connection with your customer. This is more a “check this out” rather than the traditional “sell sell sell”.

The best way to determine your best CTA is through testing – A/B testing.
Monitor, measure and repeat.

Here is a list of 123 variations of Call to Actions to use on your social media status update, your blog, your website or your advertising:

  1. Like
  2. Share
  3. Tag
  4. Comment
  5. Tweet this
  6. Retweet this
  7. Double tap
  8. Pin this
  9. Watch this
  10. Click link in Bio
  11. Only X days left
  12. Limited supply
  13. Closing soon
  14. Play this
  15. While supplies last
  16. Today only
  17. Forward this
  18. Last chance
  19. Offer ends on ________
  20. Hurry
  21. Immediately
  22. View this
  23. Now
  24. Request an invitation
  25. Now closed
  26. Members Only/Subscribers only
  27. Only available to ___
  28. Pre-register/Pre-order
  29. Limited spots
  30. Exclusive access
  31. Reply
  32. Contact me
  33. Click here
  34. Comment with a GIF
  35. Learn more
  36. Act now
  37. Click here to find out all the details
  38. Click <3 for a follow up
  39. Download now
  40. Immediate download
  41. Reply today
  42. Try it free
  43. Start your free trial now
  44. Your free trial is just a click away
  45. Join now
  46. Start now
  47. Talk to an expert
  48. I invite you to…
  49. I urge you to act at once
  50. I can’t wait to hear from you
  51. We’d like to hear from you
  52. Just hit Reply and we’ll email you the details
  53. Sign up online at
  54. Learn more about us at
  55. Order now, while there’s still time
  56. Sign Me Up
  57. Place your order now, while everything is still in front of you
  58. In a hurry? Call _______
  59. For even faster service, call ________
  60. To place your order, call us toll-free at ____________
  61. Just reach for your phone
  62. Comment with an emoji
  63. Mail your order today!
  64. Send in your application today!
  65. We’re waiting for your call
  66. I urge you to send for our free brochure
  67. Send for our free catalogue
  68. Mail this convenient coupon today!
  69. For more details call _________
  70. Please don’t hesitate to call us
  71. Get started
  72. Why not give us a call to find out all the details?
  73. Call us this week to schedule an appointment
  74. It’s important that you respond promptly
  75. Offer expires __________
  76. For a short time only
  77. Order now and receive a free gift
  78. See it in action
  79. Get it now!
  80. Request your FREE quote today
  81. Free Shipping
  82. Money Back Guarantee
  83. Book now
  84. Best value
  85. Bookmark this
  86. Limited availability
  87. Expires at midnight tonight
  88. Act quickly
  89. Add this to your favourites
  90. Reserve your spot now
  91. Sign up now, while you still can
  92. Grab Yours Now –>
  93. Will You Be There?
  94. Hope to See You Soon!
  95. Please Share with Your Friends and Fans
  96. What Are Your Thoughts on This (Topic)?
  97. How Would You Handle ______?
  98. Read This Post
  99. Add to wish list
  100. Add to cart
  101. Review
  102. Print this
  103. Chat now
  104. Have You Ever ______?
  105. What’s YOUR Favourite ______?
  106. This Article Will Teach You How To _____
  107. YES or NO?
  108. Vote now
  109. Seriously, SIGN UP! You’ve Got Nothing to Lose
  110. Save Your Seat!
  111. Limited Seating Available
  112. View This _____ To Learn How To ______
  113. Want A Sneak Peek At ______?
  114. QUICK QUESTION: Do You Prefer A, B, Or C?
  115. You Don’t Want to Miss _______!
  116. This Is THE Solution For ______
  117. This List Is Filled with Resources For ______
  118. Buy
  119. Register
  120. Subscribe
  121. Donate
  122. For a short time only
  123. Order now and receive a free gift

You need to make things easy for people by telling your followers what you want them to do – encourage them to take action, with a sense of urgency and see the results.


So, here it is, Contact Us to assist with implementing your CTA strategy 😉

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