start feeling productive in your own home office

As small business owners who are often working in the online space, creating a livable and productive workspace is an important undertaking but thankfully working from a home office gives you the freedom to choose how your space can reflect you and your personality.

When you have made the decision to work from a home office you will need a space that is both functional and enjoyable for you to be productive.

These aspects will have you eager to get into your office space and make you so productive the boss might even let you leave early.

Good Lighting

Lighting in any work space is incredibly important.

Where possible, access to natural light, is ideal. There is plenty of research about the effects of natural light over artificial, but suffice to say, there’s something about natural light that makes us feel better and when we feel better we work better.

However, sometimes natural light isn’t available. Even on overcast days or, if you are working at night, good general overhead lighting is a must. Also, it’s important that you illuminate your work desk or station effectively with a desk lamp.


Storage is essential.

Figure out functional storage solutions. A filing cabinet is a great storage solution. They are great for files, but can also hold your stationary and other equipment.

Even when we rely upon our technology storage devices, we all still have those books and paper filings that need somewhere to belong that’s easily accessed. Consider a bookcase or shelf to provide your space with extra storage but will also allow you to decorate and display any personal items like photos etc.

Clutter causes distractions so having somewhere to hide the clutter that encroaches on usable space will ensure productivity.

Think Ergonomically

A desk is going to be your primary workspace and the overall space of your home office is going to dictate its size, however, how you use your desk is also important. Do you like to spread papers and files out? Do you need writing space?

Comfort is equally important too, so make sure you use a comfortable chair that promotes good posture. If you end up with an aching back you are going to avoid being in your office.

With sitting being the new smoking, a sit/stand desk may be the answer that you and your body needs and remember to purchase an ergo mat to take some pressure off if standing for long periods.

If space on your desk allows, an additional monitor can make you more productive without switching tabs continuously.

If you have the space in your home office, creating an additional area for welcoming clients or downtime for yourself is ideal. You’ll remain productive, just with a little extra comfort. These give you options to move around that are away from the usual – the bed or lounge(couch).


It should be about making the space your own. Bring in a bit of your personality so you enjoy being there.

Adding plants ensures you are getting a dose of oxygen if you can’t make it outside. Try adding a wall planner to keep you on track of your goals/activities/holidays. The goal setting gurus advocate that having a vision board can help you keep priorities front of mind, and if you are going to day dream then this is must. Many home office users promote diffusing essential oils or having a salt lamp to assist with wellbeing.

Low on space? Just work with what you have.

Your home office should be a extension of yourself and promote productivity. It should encourage focus rather than distraction and be a place you want to spend time in.

It is about having a space that positively influences you and enhances the work you do there.

When you can optimise your efficiency you can spend less time in your office and more time working on that life balance.

If it’s not your efficiency keeping you in your home office far beyond acceptable work hours, contact us for strategic solutions for managing your business.

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